Icon of Good Governance In Africa Joins Efforts to Save Wildlife

Icon of Good Governance In Africa Joins Efforts to Save Wildlife

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is proud to welcome Sir Ketumile Masire, Former President of the Republic of Botswana, as its newest Board of Trustees member. Masire is regarded throughout Africa as an outstanding democratic leader, known for his honor and promotion of good governance. As the Chair of the African Leadership Council his work emphasizes constitutionalism, the rule of law, ethics, accountability, diversity, good fiscal management and much more.

Sir Ketumile Masire achieved considerable successes in rural development throughout his administration in Botswana. During his presidency, Botswana enjoyed expanded education and health facilities in rural areas, upgraded roads and water supplies, and formulated land use plans throughout the country.

In keeping with its mission that Africans must be at the forefront of any effort to help African people and wildlife, AWF continues to: recruit, educate and provide career opportunities for African conservationists; invest in rural communities, local non-profits and individuals; provide conservation enterprise services in emerging markets and assist them to monitor their resources for positive impact; and lead efforts to ensure that Africa's wildlife and wild lands endure forever.

"Masire's integrity and commitment to democratic principles and economic growth are illustrative of his effective and stimulating leadership in Africa," said Dr. Patrick Bergin. "While our staff is 85 percent African, our Board of Trustees is comprised of predominantly prominent individuals from the USA. We are looking to diversify our board and Masire's outstanding record of good governance proves there is no better champion of African rights."

"I support the African Wildlife Foundation because AWF has believed from the beginning that Africans are the ideal stewards of Africa's natural resources," said Masire. "The Board has an outstanding mix of conservation and development enthusiasts who care for the well being of people in Africa and preserving wildlife and wild lands."

Sir Ketumile Masire joins other eminent African personalities on AWF's board including:

Dr. Mamphela A. Ramphele - a household name throughout southern Africa due to her extensive involvement in civil rights, community development, and educations and;

Ms. Wariara Mbugua - who works to address systemic gender inequality, particularly women's inferior access to resources and opportunities around the globe.

These distinguished AWF supporters are leaders in their fields who are well known for their work to improve living conditions in Africa. Their expertise, experience, and contacts enhance our capacity to achieve our mission.

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