African Wildlife Foundation Response to GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons Elephant Hunting Video

WASHINGTON -- African Wildlife Foundation has learned of the controversial video released by Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy, in which he is shown hunting what he describes as problem elephants. While Parsons has gone on record regarding his motives, African Wildlife Foundation believes this is an unfortunate and distasteful portrayal of the real dilemmas that face both the impoverished farmers depicted and elephant populations increasingly impacted by ever shrinking habitat.

The solution to these problems do not lie in hunts like that depicted in the video. African Wildlife Foundation believes strongly in investing in improved conservation management of Africa's parks, reserves, and other conservation areas in order to provide sufficient safe habitat for elephants and other wildlife. We also believe in simultaneous investment to strengthen agriculture, security, and standards of living in areas of human settlements around parks and reserves. We urge Mr. Parsons and viewers to reject the undertone of this video and invest in solutions that allow wildlife and people to peacefully co-exist.

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